Research Project


  1. Brainstorm a topic by listing at least five subjects that you are interested in your writing journal.

  2. Write a question about your topic that you want to answer in your writing journal.  When finished, get teacher approval for your question.

  3. Identify Key words to use to search that topic by making a list of search terms in your writing journal.

  4. Begin Research, Identify Resources (web address or book information) and summarize information that is to be included in the research essay.  The important thing to remember is that you should only copy and paste the web address.  You must not copy and paste research information.  These should be summarized using your own words.  Use the Research Information Template on Google Drive to record your research.

  5. Plan an outline of the Research Essay, adding resource information where needed.  You will use this Essay Planner from Read, Write, Think to organize the information in your essay.  When you are finished, save the Essay Planner on your flash drive and print it out.
    Use this form to create your outine.

  6. Write the Research Essay rough draft.  Create a new document on Google Drive with the title Research Essay.

  7. Edit the rough draft.  Did you check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors?

  8. Save and Print a final essay to turn in.  Complete this checklist to make sure you have all of your materials ready to turn in.

  9. Use a digital or visual medium to make a presentation.  This could include a poster, or a newspaper, or a PowerPoint, or any other possible ideas to add information from the Research Essay in visual form.

    • Create a newspaper, magazine or brochure using Printing Press.

    • Write and record a song.

    • Write and present a dramatic play.

    • Create an informational book by hand or using Read, Write, Think.

    • Create a Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentation.

    • Create a Glogster.

    • Create a Prezi.

    • See the Teacher for other ideas.


  10. Present presentation.