Welcome Pendleton’s Patriots!

Welcome to the Pendleton’s Patriots!  Buckle up, and hang on because this year will be packed with tons of learning experiences and projects.

Plew Elementary

Welcome Back Panthers!

Welcome back to Plew Elementary!  It is so hard to believe that it is that time again.  I hope all of you have a successful year and enjoy your time at Plew.   We all work together to make Plew Elementary […]

Welcome Patriots!


Interested in more Logic Puzzles?

Here are some fun digital ones!

Logic Problems

More Logic Problems

Even More Logic Problems

Bio-Blitz Projects

Check out some of our Bio-Blitz Projects HERE

Reading Practice

Use the Test Power Resource and complete the following lessons.  Use AnswerPad to submit your answers.

Test Power Lesson 19      #16346

Test Power Lesson 21      #16347

Test Power Lesson 22      #16348

Test Power Lesson 23       #16349

Test Power Lesson 24       #16350

Grammar Practice

Use the following websites to practice your grammar.  Check your answers when finished.  If you miss questions, re-do the assignment until you get a 100%.

Article Practice

Mixed Verb Tenses

Conditional Verbs

Mixed Future Tenses

Capitalization Practice

Subject/Verb Agreement

Apostrophe Practice