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Congratulations Harper!

Congratulations Harper for winning the Hungry Howies Coloring Contest!  The class will receive a pizza party sponsored by the Niceville Hungry Howies to celebrate.

Plew Elementary

Welcome Back Panthers!

Welcome back to Plew Elementary!  It is so hard to believe that it is that time again.  I hope all of you have a successful year and enjoy your time at Plew.   We all work together to make Plew Elementary […]

Welcome Pendleton’s Patriots!

Welcome to the Pendleton’s Patriots!  Buckle up, and hang on because this year will be packed with tons of learning experiences and projects.

Welcome Patriots!


5th- NaGISA trip to Henderson Beach

Our 5th Graders participated in the NaGISA study, which is a diodiversity study conducted by Niceville High School at Henderson Beach State Park.  Our students worked with high school externs who taught them the scientific protocol for collecting shore samples.  The students were also able to hear the data that has resulted since the oil spill on the Gulf Coast.  Through this excellent hands-on real-world experience the students were able to see Science in action.  We want to thank Niceville High School and Mr. Hernandez for giving us this opportunity.  Visit the classroom Shutterfly site to see more pictures.

Class Constitution