My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things . . . .



Rubistar– make your own, customized Rubrics


Tagxedo– an online word cloud generator- many options with shape and colors

  • This could be used as an introduction to a lesson by having students guess what the topic will be based on context clues.
  • Students could create these to be used in projects or to practice vocabulary.





Wordle– online word cloud generator, fewer options, but easy to read




Glogster– online tool to create an interactive presentation

  • You can register for a free account.
  • Students can use it to create projects, book reports, author studies, or Booktalks.
  • Teachers can use it to create an instructional unit that has linked websites, videos, graphics, and text.
  • You can also use the database to search for teacher-made Glogs to use in your classroom.

 Here is an example of a student-made project using Glogster.




Newspaper Clipping Generator and Other Creative Tools




 ClassTools– Random Name Generator, Timer, Venn Diagram, and so many other interesting tools.


 Classroom Timers

Primary Wall– students can participate in a discussion using sticky notes.