Math Chapter 1 Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions

1.1 Investigate:  Place Value and Patterns    Code:  LZ3848

1.2 Place Value of Whole Numbers

1.3 Algebra: Properties   Code:  LZ44              Definitions of Properties

1.4 Algebra: Powers of 10 and Exponents   Code:  LZ2835

1.5 Algebra: Multiplication Patterns

1.6 Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

1.7 Multiply by 2-Digit Numbers  Code:  LZ4391

1.8 Relate Multiplication to Division  Code:  LZ1742


1.9 Problem Solving: Multiplication and Division

1.10 Algebra: Numerical Expressions   Code:  LZ2737

1.11 Algebra: Evaluate Numerical Expressions    Code:  LZ463

1.12 Algebra:  Grouping Symbols    Code:  LZ2414    and    SchoolTube