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Weather Science Stations

Science Station #6


Watch the videos and complete the quizzes for these topics:

  • Climate Types

  • Clouds

  • Weather

If you have extra time, check out these websites:

Weather Wiz Kids

Science Kids

Nasa Climate Kids

Kids Vote Too

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2.7 “Old Yeller” Literacy Stations

Practice Idioms

Idioms- Matching

Idioms- Concentration Game

Idioms- Rags to Riches

Idioms- Battleship

Idioms- Another Rags to Riches

Idioms Game

Idioms- Which One?


Rain falls from Saturn’s rings—and a Dying Spacecraft Tasted It

As it plunged to its doom, NASA’s Cassini probe performed final tasks that are revealing secrets about the planet’s famed rings.

Read this National Geographic Article and view pictures and diagrams

Published October 4, 2018