Biography Project

Biography Project

Things to Do

Read Biography Book

Identify Internet Research Source

Answer Discussion Questions

Create a Timeline (website)

  1. Place and year this person was born.
  2. Place and year this person went to college (if they attended).
  3. Show the year(s) of their major events.
  4. Place and year this person died.

Trading Card (website)

Bio Cube (website)

BioPoem (Directions)


Choose 1 of the following to complete, save on Flash Drive or print:


Fake Text Message (print)


Fake Facebook Page (print)


Educreations App slide for your character (print)


Type a famous quote from your Character- Recite This (print)


Voki App to share important facts


Tagxedo or Wordle  or WordArt to make Word Clouds (print)


Comic Strip   (print)        


Create QR Code APP- link to a Resource (print)


Create a Post card from your Character (print)


Create a Newspaper, Brochure, or Poster (print)


Create a wall about your person on Padlet– I will make you a new wall. (video, weblinks, pictures)


Create a digital poster about your person on Glogster   (video, weblinks, pictures)   Please see me for username/password.  



Living Statue

  • Speech
  • Display- Talk Button and Props
  • Costume